Thoughtworks Netherlands

Thoughtworks Netherlands

Gepubliceerd op: 17 december 2021

We are a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering. Thoughtworks pioneered many of today’s industry best practices (eg.agile development, continuous delivery and microservices). With responsible tech, data mesh and AI we continue to innovate to help clients and revolutionize the industry.

Activiteiten op AI gebied

We excel at optimizing business processes holistically; from R&D to product development and from operations to strategy. AI can augment processes and decision making within organizations, and sharpen the vision. We design and develop solutions in the space of AI-augmented R&D, operational optimization,strategic planning and scenario simulation.

Bijdrage aan NL AIC

We share our vision, values, knowledge and experience and participate in workgroups,. We help promote NL AIC events and activities.

Waarom NL AIC?

The objectives of the coalition align very well with our mission: to positively impact the world through client work, by revolutionizing the IT-industry and through a diverse and inclusive work culture. We want to share our experience, contribute to the NL AI community, connect with and learn from like minded leaders, academia and professionals.

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