Gepubliceerd op: 5 december 2019

Providing trust in data-driven innovation – Syntho enables organizations to boost data-driven innovation in a privacy-preserving manner by providing AI software for generating synthetic data.

Activiteiten op AI gebied

AI is at the core of our product. We capitalize on the power of Generative Adversarial Networks to generate highly realistic synthetic data that preserves the structure and properties of the original data. Our synthetic data allows organizations to build a strong foundation for data innovation with less risk, more data and faster data access.

Bijdrage aan NL AIC

We actively share our knowledge on privacy enhancing technologies (PET), and specifically synthetic data, in the working group ‘data sharing’. As an essential tool to enable cross-company data sharing, we aim to add value via the identified use cases and other collaborations to bring the value of synthetic data to practice.

Waarom NL AIC?

The NLAIC enables us to keep up-to-date with the latest development in the Dutch AI landscape and find new collaboration partners. The working groups allow us to share our knowledge with other NLAIC participants, specifically when it comes to data sharing.

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