Gepubliceerd op: 20 september 2021

ScoutinScience is a big data company focused on tech transfer. Bringing universities and industries closer to the technologies of tomorrow. Through the use of ML and big data analysis we can offer unique information that is used to excel tech transfer potential within research institutes and bring corporates in contact with pioneering technologies.

Activiteiten op AI gebied

ScoutinScience scrapes, scouts and uses ML and AI techniques to sift through tons of data (big data) to report on the business value of scientific research and (business, investing) proposals, sell this information to governments, investors, universities and R&D departments of companies.

Bijdrage aan NL AIC

We are able to share our knowledge and developments with the NL AIC network and work together to achieve new goals in tech developments.

Waarom NL AIC?

To gain knowledge from other participants, contribute to the AI landscape and benefit from the (international) netwerk and learn about upcoming and new development within AI and ML.

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