InControl Enterprise Dynamics

InControl Enterprise Dynamics

Gepubliceerd op: 17 april 2020

InControl is a worldwide leading manufacturer of simulation and emulation software for the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures. Our software solutions are implemented in logistics, manufacturing, transportation and crowd management. We are a Dutch oriented company with offices in The Netherlands, Germany, North America, and Japan.

Activiteiten op AI gebied

InControl develops Simulation Software in which AI techniques are incorporated. We work closely with various top tier Universities, Applied Sciences and R&D institutes to continuously develop and implement innovative AI developments and technologies.

Bijdrage aan NL AIC

InControl contributes by bringing in data, What-If and impact scenarios, 2D-, 3D- and oculus visualization and besides that international expertise and experiences of combined simulation and AI as well. We are working in close cooperation with Academic, Applied Sciences and R&D Institutes to serve our business partners and customers.

Waarom NL AIC?

Simulation, AI but data analytics and machine learning too are technologies adding value to better designed, (cost) efficient and safe operations of infrastructures. We are continuously improving our simulation platform delivering predictive analytics as part of a digital ‘predictive’ twin.

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