Technical Industry

The technical industry is in a dynamic state. The Dutch industry is in the midst of a digitisation transformation that offers many new opportunities, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role - both in the field of applications and in business models. The technology industry as a whole must succeed in this transformation as technology is necessary to meet a number of the significant societal challenges we face now, such as energy, environment, climate, care and safety.

The Netherlands AI Coalition works closely with the Smart Industry programme and aims to make the Netherlands the best, most flexible and digitally integrated production network in Europe. The programme offers excellent opportunities to promote the application of AI in the Dutch industry and to make better use of the prospects of the data generated by the industry itself.

Working group

The working group is functioning on a programme that focuses, among other things, on AI applications in industry that are directly usable, and on a smart academy, where people are central, focused on life-long development, and accessibility of industrial data.

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