AI-hub South-Holland

The South-Holland AI-Hub will provide a single signboard and a common point of contact for organizations in South-Holland that want to work with AI. The focus is on integrated AI knowledge development and innovation toward supporting and shaping strong application areas of AI such as Energy and Sustainability, Health and Care, Port and Maritime, Technical Industry and Security, Peace and Law, and AgTech.

Collaborative approach

The South-Holland region combines a leading position in international AI research with great potential for implementation. The potential for economic and social impact in several leading Dutch industries is enormous. The region has 160 active startups and scale-ups with 4,300 employees (~22% of Dutch startups), large companies investing in AI, three top universities, colleges and two medical centers combining the efforts of ~1,500 researchers, and a rapidly growing talent pool of students.

Focus of AI-hub South-Holland

The strategic objectives of the South Holland AI Hub are threefold:

  • The hub aims to stimulate, incubate and implement AI initiatives, linked to the national AI strategy where relevant.
  • The hub aims to consolidate the results of these initiatives into the regional and national ecosystem.
  • The hub functions as a network through which best practices for AI entrepreneurship, knowledge spillovers and usage scenarios are developed and spread throughout the global ecosystem.

With these objectives, the hub applies the following organizational principles:

  • The hub selects focus areas that fit South Holland’s regional profile, provide the greatest opportunities for development and align with the Netherlands AI Coalition’s national AI strategy.
  • Together with its community partners, the hub organizes the region’s support network through community building, acts as a regional focal point and organizes events.
  • The hub plays a supporting role in organizing cooperation for large-scale (national) projects and for projects in the region.

Bringing loose links together

The focus of the AI-hub South-Holland is on strengthening the regional ecosystem: the close cooperation between the knowledge institutions and public and private organizations in South Holland in the field of integrated AI knowledge development and innovation.

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