About TNO/Appl.AI

TNO has been involved as a leading and independent research organization since the first initiatives to establish the NL AIC. A key goal of the partnership with TNO is to foster cooperation with the various working groups within the NL AIC, leveraging the network of AI hubs in the Netherlands and international opportunities in the EU context. This collaboration joins forces to accelerate the development and application of AI in the Netherlands. Consider the availability of more data from different sources, in the collaboration between humans and machines and in the responsible deployment of autonomous systems.

Appl.AI program

One of the programs in which there has been close cooperation is the Appl.AI program from which a series of projects have been launched. TNO’s program includes several projects in the field of AI in which government, industry and knowledge institutions are actively collaborating Some of the joint projects were partly funded from the start-up impulse that the NL AIC received from the Cabinet for researching and developing AI applications.

Appl.AI program objectives

All of the program’s projects address two key AI challenges. How do we ensure that autonomous AI systems can be deployed transparently and responsibly? The second challenge is how to ensure that humans and AI work together as well as possible. By participating in the Appl.AI program, parties gain access to the knowledge, experience and results accumulated in all projects.


Take a look at the joint projects to learn more about the results, intended objectives and parties involved.

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