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Position paper Ports and Maritime

The maritime sector is taking a leading role in the field of Artificial Intelligence. More than sixty representatives from the maritime industry, knowledge institutions and government have worked together on a joint agenda within the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC).
The working group Port and Maritime of the NL AIC has the ambition to accelerate the sector as a whole in the next five years on the themes of (big) data and AI. The position paper “Heading for AI” gives direction to this and is an important step for the sector to maintain its place in the global leading group.

Ethics and AI in practice, working together and learning together

This position paper discusses the further details of the ethical activities of the Netherlands AI Coalition and highlights the unique approach to ethics through the Participative And Constructive Ethics (PACE) platform. With the mission of an ethically responsible design and use of AI applications in Dutch society.


Overview Dutch AI Startup Landscape

An overview of the most promising Dutch startups that have been nominated by the Netherlands AI Coalition and partners for the European AI Startup Landscape. A valuable initiative to map the AI startup ecosystem in Europe.

Position paper Security, Peace and Justice

AI applications for Security, Peace and Justice

AI is playing an increasingly important role in the protection against threats and guaranteeing justice, but at the same time this also entails risks. This position paper provides insight to collaborate on content and results.

The art of AI for all. The connective power of culture and media.

In this paper, several institutions outline the potential of AI applications and various user requirements. The goal is to promote innovations for AI in the culture and media sector in the Netherlands.


Syllabus AI for Business & Government Certification

This syllabus outlines the knowledge that candidates will be tested on during the exam of the Professional Certification Programme. It also provides reading suggestions and highlights the exam benefits.

Data sharing

NL AIC Reference Guide: ‘Towards a federation of AI data spaces’

This document provides reference and guideline for developing AI data spaces, giving a rich set of methodologies, tools, processes and building blocks to support the challenges and requirements of AI.


AI as accelerator for the energy transition

In this position paper the opportunities for a CO2-free energy system are outlined. The content forms a guideline for AI research and innovation within the energy sector for working together to accelerate the energy transition.