European AI Forum

The European AI Forum (EAIF) is the umbrella organization of national European AI associations and clusters. An initiative launched in June 2020.and clusters. What began as a conference that takes place at the end of each Council presidency, the European AI Forum has now grown into a network of associations that ensure start-ups and innovators in member states have a say in drafting a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). The Netherlands AI Coalition is one of the initiators.

Together they represent more than 2,000 members, including SMEs, large companies, organizations and individual experts in the field of AI, making them the largest European AI organization.

The mission of the European AI Forum is to set the agenda for the approach to AI in Europe, both in terms of policy and entrepreneurship. The goal is to act as a platform where entrepreneurs and policy makers come together to jointly set the course for AI innovation in Europe.

Marloes Pomp was appointed vice president of the EAIF in 2023. As working group chair at the NL AIC, her focus includes strengthening the connection with Brussels. These developments together strengthen the position of the NL AIC to make more impact with human-centered AI in the Netherlands and abroad.

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