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T-Pulse reinforces Shell’s Goal Zero ambition

T-Pulse is a system that uses AI and advanced Machine Vision algorithms to analyze live (...)

Isala researchers use AI for better imaging in CT scan

Rapid technological developments in the field of AI are moving at a rapid pace. So (...)

Knights Analytics for AI Data Management

Knights Analytics is a startup based in Utrecht. They specialize in simplifying the complexity involved (...)

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How Allinq Prevents Extreme Peaks in Energy Consumption with AI

The growing energy consumption and the required grid capacity due to rising temperatures can pose (...)

Codi, the Virtual Policy Assistant

The submission of Parliamentary Questions plays a vital democratic role in the Netherlands. This process (...)

Future-proof flexible charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) can significantly contribute to reducing air and noise pollution in metropolitan regions. (...)

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DEMKit, Software Tool for Research into Smart Grid Technologies

DEMKit, short for Decentralized Energy Management toolKit, is the software tool developed at the University (...)

Watermelon: All-in-One Automated Customer Service Tool

Watermelon assists businesses in developing AI chatbots focused on customer service. With advanced AI technology, (...)

The AI4Youth ELSA Lab

The attention being paid to interactions between humans and AI technology is increasing, but young (...)

ELSA Lab for an AI Approach to Low Literacy

In the Netherlands, about 2.5 million have a low level of literacy, meaning that they (...)

The ELSA Cultural AI Lab

It can be difficult for institutions in culture and heritage to ensure that everything they (...)

ELSA Lab for Multi-Agency Public Safety Issues in AI

How can we use AI technology in the Netherlands to improve public safety? And how (...)

ELSA Lab DataXchange

Using data to combat crime that undermines society and genuinely making a change in that (...)

ELSA Lab for AI Solutions for Disability Care

There are various issues in disability care where AI could provide an ideal solution. On (...)

ELSA Lab Meaningful Human Control over Public AI Systems

Using AI in policy implementation not only promises to handle social challenges better but is (...)

ELSA Lab Contestable Urban AI

Municipalities would like what is known as a ‘digital twin’ to be developed: a three-dimensional (...)

ELSA Lab AI4Access

Auditory or visual impairments or low literacy can limit the access to knowledge and services (...)

SUbsea enhanced REality program (SURE)

Maximizing underwater situational awareness to enable safer and more effective Inspection Repair and Maintenance.

The ELSA Lab Sport Data Valley

It is being recognised increasingly widely that exercise is important for health. Exercise improves people’s (...)

ELSA Lab for Learning with AI

In a constantly evolving and ever more specialised world, people need to keep learning. To (...)

ELSA Lab for Smart and Responsible Mobility

With the rise of innovative forms of mobility, we are realising more and more that (...)

ELSA Lab for Poverty and Debt

The ELSA Lab for Poverty and Debt aims to use data science and AI to (...)

ELSA Lab for Intelligent and Inclusive Urban Mobility

Urban mobility adds to prosperity and brings people closer together, but quite a few bottlenecks (...)

ELSA Lab for AI, Digital Culture & Media

The media sector, cultural institutions and creative industries are cultural cornerstones that are in the (...)