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The diligence with which we act now determines the control over our future with significant effects already within the coming ten years. The Netherlands must, therefore, build and maintain a strong and distinctive position in both the development and the application of AI. All of that requires a collaborative approach, in which government, industry, educational and research institutions, and civil society organisations work together.
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Strategy team

The Strategy Team consists of high level representatives from research and education, government, business, AI end-users and society. This team deals with strategy, policy and progress on critical issues and stakeholder management.

Bert Kroese

Deputy Director General

Carlo van de Weijer

Managing Director
Eindhoven AI Systems Institute

Cees Oudshoorn

Managing Director

Focco Vijselaar

DG Business & Innovation
Ministerie van Economische Zaken

Hans de Jong

Philips Nederland

Inald Lagendijk

Distinguished Professor of Computing-based Society
TU Delft

Inge Molenaar

Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences
Radboud Universiteit

Jeannine Peek

Managing Director

Marieke van Wallenburg

Director General
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Marleen Stikker

Waag Society

Nanda Piersma

Scientific Director
Platform Prio

Nathan Ducastel

Executive Director

Nils Beers


Pallas Agterberg

Director of Strategy

Peter Werkhoven

CSO, Board of Directors

Peter Zijlema

General Manager
IBM Benelux

Pieter Duisenberg


Sally Wyatt

Professor of Technology & Society Studies
Universiteit Maastricht

Wiro Niessen

Erasmus MC
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Building blocks

The NL AIC collaborates on the necessary common knowledge and expertise, resulting in five themes, also called building blocks. Those are important for a robust impact in economic and social sectors.


AI is a generic technology that is ultimately applicable in all sectors. For the development of knowledge and experience in the use of AI in the Netherlands, it is essential to focus on specific industries that are relevant to our country. These industries can achieve excellent results, and knowledge and experience that can be leveraged for application in other sectors.

Become a participant

The Netherlands AI Coalition is convinced that active collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders is essential to stimulate and connect initiatives in Artificial Intelligence. Within fields of expertise and with other stakeholders in the ecosystem to achieve the most significant result possible in the development and application of AI in the Netherlands. Representatives from the business community (large, small, start-up), government, research and educational institutions and civil society organisations can participate.

Interested? For more information, see the page about participation.