Human Capital

Artificial intelligence (AI) would be impossible without humans. So although utilising this new technology is taking over tasks from people in some areas, it is also creating many additional jobs and more work. To exploit the potential of AI fully, it is very important that we also pay close attention to the human side of the story.

Wanted: AI specialists. Because there aren’t enough of them in this country. The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) is already doing what it can to resolve that problem. On top of that, there is another challenge that deserves at least as much attention: if AI is to be applied effectively, responsibly and successfully in our society, we also need people who know how to implement the technology.

A coordinated approach

We are talking about a rapidly growing technology that is already having a major impact on society. So time is of the essence. More AI knowledge is needed in all sectors of society. That therefore demands a coordinated approach so that all the various parties can work together – educational institutions, private training organisations, the commercial sector and the governmental authorities. Do employees know what AI is capable of and what its limitations are? It really does have to start by answering basic questions such as those.

The importance of training, learning and certification

AI will change the way many employees work. The NL AIC’s action agenda anticipates that about three million Dutch people will need further training in this area. The Human Capital working group therefore focuses not only on developing new talent but is also putting a great deal of effort into retraining, further education and reskilling employees in all sectors. To give that second objective a boost, the working group has launched the education platform on which AI training courses can be found.

Working group

Because the Human Capital working group is targeting multiple objectives, two subgroups have been set up: Lifelong Development and Training & Education. Participants work within these subgroups on specific projects, such as AI Certification, Teach the Teacher, and scaling up AI education.

AI certification for Business & Government

In The Task for AI, the report issued by the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) in November 2021, the importance of training and certification is discussed. The NL AIC has set out a standard called AI for Business & Government for professionals at the higher vocational level (or above) who want to use AI in their working environment. Professionals who acquire the ‘AI for Business’ certificate not only possess broad knowledge of how to apply AI in their organisations but also know how to set up their organisations so that AI can be applied there properly. Take a look here for more information.

More information

An exploration of the bottlenecks in the Human Capital domain can be found in the report called AI is a job for people (by the Training and Education subgroup). Moreover, is it worth being aware that the Human Capital working group is developing e-learning courses, such as the National AI Care Sector Course and the AI course for the Agri-Food sector.

Also recommended: Elements of AI – a course that lets people find out how well they know how AI works and what they know about the current and future possibilities of the technology. The NL AIC was not involved in producing that course but (together with TU Delft) it is the promoter of the Dutch version.

If you’re interested in this topic and would like to be actively involved, become a member of the NL AIC and benefit from our Human Capital expertise and network, and other relevant AI themes.

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