Initial selection of use cases for AI Innovations in Health and Care

Published on: 26 November 2020

The Health and Care working group is committed to stimulate, direct and if necessary, organise the development and widespread usage of valuable AI innovations in the Netherlands. The end goal is to have a significant social and economic impact in Health and Care.

Three AI innovations use cases were selected earlier this year. Applications from MS sherpa, Pacmed Critical and U-Prevent are the first in a series to support the scale up of their innovations. In this way, a continuous stream will be created that allows for a faster take up AI innovations to the health and care market. Please contact the working group for more information and how to send in your use case.

The first three selected AI innovations are:
MS sherpa: A digital test to increase insight into the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
Pacmed Critical:  A decision making support system for medics
U-Prevent: Smart algorithms for understanding the effect of medication and lifestyle

The selection of these first three contributions is based on the following criteria. The use case:

  • Can be implemented in a reasonably short period of time;
  • Has a demonstrable social impact;
  • Answers the user’s question well;
  • Has (inter)national scale up potential in colleboratoin with third parties;
  • Contributes to realize one or more of the preconditions of valuable AI in Health and Care.

In order to show case the potential of selected use cases, the working group supports the applicants with various activities and offers a platform. Depending on the need, the following activities provided by the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) are on the table:

  • In order to involve third parties within the broad NL AIC network a matchmaking tool will be provided;
  • Connecting applicants with various working groups especially to the general buildig blocks like Human centred AI & ethical frameworks, data sharing or human capital to help them scaling up to the next level;
  • To address and help removing formal and practical barriers and provide lessons learned and results for other use cases;
  • To support applying for and/ or obtaining funding from different financial vehicles like public or private funds, informal of formal investors, insurers, research and innovation grants and Health Holland.

We wish the teams of MS Sherpa, Pacmed Critical and U Prevent all the success they need and look forward to see their solutions in the Health and Care practice!

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