Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence

ICAI, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence, brings together knowledge institutions, industry and government and civil society partners in the Netherlands to develop talent and technology in the field of artificial intelligence.

ICAI’s mission is to put the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in the field of AI. Creating and nurturing a national AI knowledge and talent ecosystem is the central goal. Being at the forefront and developing our own technologies contributes to economic growth while maintaining the values and ethics that the Netherlands stands for. By attracting talent to work on problems, attracting problems and data that talent can work on, and nurturing local and national ecosystems for talent and knowledge development, the Netherlands becomes a strong European catalyst in the field of AI talent and AI knowledge development.

By collaborating as knowledge institutions with companies, governments and non-profit, ICAI has established a strong position in this field. Making the best use of strengths is based on a hubs-and-spokes model, in which several hubs in the Netherlands have been realized across different regions. A dispersed base fits well with the norms and values of the way the Netherlands works. In the current ICAI model as developed to date, this has been proven since its inception in 2018. Labs are set up from local forces that support and strengthen from a national role.

‘Let’s make AI for Everyone’

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