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The vital importance of human centric AI: a renewed call

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the most influential system technology of our time. AI has (...)

eConowind is using AI to make turbosails even more efficient

Jean Jacques Cousteau (the French marine researcher, film-maker and environmentalist who died in 1997) applied (...)

European AI Landscape with a new selection of promising Dutch AI startups

The new selection of the most promising Dutch AI startups in the European AI Startup (...)

NL AIC presents two reference guides for responsible data sharing for AI applications

The Netherlands AI Coalition is aiming to put the Netherlands in a front-runner position in (...)

The Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud is off the ground

All the parties in these various coalitions are linked to this initiative. The Ministry of (...)

Learning communities focusing on AI: what’s the status?

Demand for AI skills is growing so quickly that the outflow from the regular education (...)

AiNed MIT AI call for SME AI projects starting

This arrangement is supported by the AiNed programme that has been developed by the Netherlands (...)

Generation Z on how human-centric AI can improve our lives

They grew up with computers, apps and social media. Anyone from Generation Z (born between (...)

“Don’t step on the brakes: commit fully to human centric AI”

Irvette Tempelman has been paying close attention to developments in AI for the past thirty (...)