The NL AIC is launching a free online AI course for education professionals

Published on: 31 May 2022

Today (31 May 2022), the Netherlands AI Coalition is launching an AI awareness course about applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in education: AI for Education. It is a free online course that can be followed at your own pace, whenever you wish. AI applications are developing rapidly in all sectors. That is why the goal of this course is to make teachers in primary and secondary education aware of the opportunities of AI.

Interesting tracks and fascinating stories from education let teachers and administrators learn about the world of AI in the context of their discipline. In just two hours, the course discusses basic terms such as algorithms, AI, machine learning and deep learning. The NL AIC would like to bring this course to the attention of as many people as possible. That’s why we’re making this appeal to you: please spread this information about the course within your own network (see the toolkit below) and help increase the level of knowledge about AI within the education sector.

The course takes about two hours and everyone who takes it gets a certificate after completion.

View the trailer or start the course straight away (in Dutch).

Download the toolkit with communication resources for getting your staff and organisation enthusiastic about following this course.

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