AI-hub Amsterdam

Amsterdam AI, the AI hub of Amsterdam

Deep, wide and responsible

Amsterdam is uniquely positioned to organize collaboration between academic, medical, government and other institutions in the field of AI. For over thirty years, the two Amsterdam Universities have provided high-quality AI education. Together with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and academic hospitals, they guarantee a solid foundation for talent. This talent fuels the region’s science and innovation ecosystem.

With in-depth knowledge, a broad scope and a focus on the responsible development and deployment of AI applications, the Amsterdam AI network has a pivotal role. It works closely with international networks such as ELLIS and CLAIRE. The ICAI headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Also the national lead of the gravity program Hybrid Intelligence, of the long term program ROBUST and the TTT.AI consortium. Moreover, this connects Amsterdam well to the national network of knowledge institutions and companies. Central to the approach of the Amsterdam AI Hub are three themes, all of which have a major impact on our daily lives and socioeconomic development in the region: AI for Health, AI for Business Innovation and AI for Citizens.

Focus of Amsterdam AI

Amsterdam AI is one of seven regional hubs of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC). Within the NL AIC, the Amsterdam hub helps start new initiatives and projects. By joining forces and learning from each other, the network provides quick access to knowledge and talent. Connecting relevant stakeholders enables low-threshold collaboration and provides access to relevant contacts and organizations in the Dutch AI field. Amsterdam AI is a solid partner in new investment impulses for AI and within the NL AIC is helping to create a strong proposition of the Netherlands in the field of knowledge and innovation in Europe.

For a healthy society

Amsterdam AI is both strong in high end research of AI technology, AI applications and research on the social, ethical and legal aspects. Three ELSA Labs are working on themes of opportunity inequality, media & democracy and culture. Amsterdam is in the lead in the areas of Health, FinTech, the Service and Tech industries, the Creative sector and the Public domain.

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