AI-hub East-Netherlands

The AI-hub East-Netherlands is ready for entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments in Gelderland and Overijssel who are interested in using AI, or are already doing so to the fullest or are still studying it. The mission is to guide and support these parties in the complex landscape of artificial intelligence.

The focus of AI-hub East-Netherlands is on applying AI to themes in which this region is strong and which have a positive impact on both people and the environment, and where there are economic opportunities. The themes are health, food, industry, energy and education.

In the Eastern Netherlands, more than 350 impactful startups and innovative SMEs are applying AI to work smarter. Entrepreneurs who are really making a difference with AI and using it, for example, to reduce food waste, provide better care at lower costs or automate horticulture with robots. And also how artificial intelligence will play an important role in decentralized energy generation and storage at business parks (Smart Energy Hubs).

These entrepreneurs see opportunities and challenges. AI-hub East-Netherlands helps take the right steps to accelerate the transition. By identifying partners, projects and funding opportunities and making the right connections. In addition, leverage existing regional, national and European collaborations and networks to promote AI applications that contribute to better, more sustainable and healthier lives.

Working together to build the future with AI

AI Hub East Netherlands is an initiative of The Economic Board and Twente Board, Radboud University, Radboudumc, University of Twente, Wageningen University & Research, Th!nk East Netherlands and Oost NL. Business (through Nedap, Demcon and several SME entrepreneurs, among others) and education (through the HAN, Saxion, Windesheim and mbo, among others) are also connected.

AI-hub East-Netherlands is pulling together with Dutch AI Coalition, AiNed and the other AI hubs to face challenges together. This is to break through nationally and internationally and work on AI applications with both societal and economic impact.

‘Make AI Work’

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