AI hub Central Netherlands

The AI hub Central Netherlands gives a boost to digital innovations in the Utrecht region and is the place where companies, governments and knowledge institutions can find each other in the field of AI. We seek connections to the regional ecosystems Earth Valley, Life sciences & Health and Media & Gaming, as well as between them.

Making an impact together

With some 800 companies, including 170 startups, the hub has a regional function to build a community around AI. The AI Hub Central Netherlands strengthens business and the region by:

  1. Share knowledge, enable collaboration and make AI more accessible.
  2. Provide information on all possible funding schemes for AI projects.
  3. To build a regional community, bringing together as much knowledge about AI as possible.
  4. To connect with the right startups, scale-ups, innovative SMEs, educational institutions and governments to enable a collaborative approach to AI issues.
  5. Linking supply and demand.
  6. Promoting knowledge exchange and valorization of research.
  7. With commitment to the Dutch AI Coalition to try to represent the interests of regional entrepreneurs at the tables in The Hague and Brussels.

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