The AiNed program helps Dutch companies and public institutions take essential steps with AI that are of great economic and social importance. The AiNed program has come about thanks to contributions from a multitude of stakeholders, partners and participants drawn from the AI network and ecosystem of the Netherlands AI Coalition


Putting the Netherlands at the forefront of AI countries for prosperity and well-being. That is the common goal of the Netherlands AI Coalition and the AiNed program. We do this through a collaboration of public and private parties taking essential steps in developing and applying AI across sectors and for key economic and societal challenges.

The public-private multi-year program AiNed, which has been awarded a budget of 204.5 million euros from the National Growth Fund, addresses three large-scale and essential themes: knowledge and innovation, people and skills, AI system applications. Here, human-centered AI is at the forefront. Through clusters of cohesive projects, with a unique learning and integrated chain approach, AI breakthroughs are being achieved that will enable Dutch companies and public institutions to deploy AI faster for prosperity and well-being.

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