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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a strong determinant of our future prosperity and well-being. As a systems technology, AI will have a major impact on all business sectors, our private lives and society as a whole. The diligence with which we act now determines the control of our future with significant effects within a decade. The Netherlands must therefore build and maintain a strong and distinctive position in both the development and application of AI. Only through proactive deployment of AI can we as the Netherlands help determine how AI is applied to social and economic challenges and benefit from it. AI is not an objective in itself, but a powerful tool for maintaining and expanding our international competitiveness and solving economic and societal issues.

Collaborative approach

To realize this and to stimulate Dutch AI activities, the Dutch AI Coalition was set up in October 2019 (NL AIC) on the initiative of VNO-NCW MKB-Nederland, the Ministry of EZK, TNO, Seedlink, Philips, Ahold Delhaize, IBM, and Topteam dutch digital delta. The NL AIC is a public-private partnership in which government, industry, educational and research institutions and civil society organizations are committed to accelerating AI developments in the Netherlands and connecting AI initiatives in the Netherlands.


The ambition is to put the Netherlands in a vanguard position in the field of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being while respecting Dutch and European norms and values. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst of AI applications in our country. One of the main goals is to achieve impactful AI innovations in at least 10 economic and social sectors within three years. After all, this is where the application of AI takes place and where we work on our earning power and addressing societal challenges.

AI as a systems technology

Embedding a systems technology like AI requires an integrated approach, with intensive government involvement. The urgency, the proactive, learning and integrative approach, the involvement of all stakeholders and the conduct of public debate are and will continue to be guiding the NL AIC to let the Netherlands decide for itself how it wants to use AI for prosperity and well-being.

Development of AiNed program

One of the initiatives is the development of the AiNed program by the NL AIC. The AiNed program helps Dutch companies and public institutions take essential steps with AI that are of great economic and social importance. The AiNed program was created thanks to contributions from a multitude of stakeholders, partners and participants drawn from the AI network and ecosystem of the NL AIC. The program is ambitious and realistic and enjoys broad support from many parties who have expressed their commitment to realization. The National Growth Fund has allocated a budget of 204.5 million euros to the AiNed program. Look here for more information about the AiNed program.

Interested in participating?

Joining the Dutch AI Coalition means:

  • Starting new initiatives and projects quickly
  • Joining forces and learning from others
  • Access to relevant contacts and organizations in the Dutch AI field
  • Partner in new investment incentives for AI
  • Contributing to a strong proposition of the Netherlands in the field of knowledge and innovation in Europe

NL AIC film

Diversity and Inclusion

The NL AIC feels and takes a responsibility regarding the bias problem that AI has. We take the lead on this and are committed both nationally and in the European context to strengthening cooperation to develop human-centered and non-discriminatory AI applications. Read more about our approach to diversity and inclusion here.

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Bringing knowledge, people and parties together as central point for ai in the Netherlands

Building Blocks

We work together to achieve results on five themes, also called building blocks.

Focus areas

We work together to achieve results on five themes, also called building blocks.

Use cases

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) anyway? We speak of AI when a system is capable, just as humans can, of making decisions independently based on observations (data) and learning from data.