About the NL AIC

The diligence with which we act now determines the control over our future with significant effects already within the coming ten years. The Netherlands must, therefore, build and maintain a strong and distinctive position in both the development and the application of AI. All of that requires a collaborative approach, in which government, industry, educational and research institutions, and civil society organisations work together.
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About the NL AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the decisive factors for our future prosperity and well-being. AI is a system technology that will have a major impact on all business sectors, our private lives and society as a whole. How diligently we act now will determine the control we have over our future, with significant effects within the coming ten years. The Netherlands must therefore build and maintain a distinctive position in both the development and the application of AI. A proactive approach to AI is the only way that we, as a country, can influence how AI will be applied to social and economic challenges and how we can genuinely benefit from it. AI is not a goal in itself, but a powerful means for maintaining and expanding our international competitive position and solving economic and social issues.

A joint approach

The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) was set up in October 2019 to implement and encourage AI activities in the Netherlands, as an initiative taken by VNO-NCW MKB-Nederland the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers for Dutch SMEs), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Seedlink, Philips, Ahold Delhaize, IBM and the Dutch Digital Delta Top Team. The NL AIC is a public-private partnership in which governmental authorities , the business sector and educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organisations, collaborate to accelerate and connect AI developments and initiatives.


The aim is to put the Netherlands in a front-runner position in terms of AI knowledge and applications for well-being and welfare, taking due note of Dutch and European norms and values. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst for AI applications in the country. One of the main goals is for AI to make an impact in at least ten economic and social sectors within the coming three years. These are where AI is applied and where we create our economic impact and tackle society’s challenges.

AI as a system technology

Embedding a systems technology such as AI demands an integrated approach, with close involvement of the authorities. The urgency, the proactive, learning and integrated approach, the involvement of all stakeholders and the social debate are and will remain leading elements for the NL AIC in letting the Netherlands decide how it wants to use AI for prosperity and well-being.

Development of the AiNed programme

One of the initiatives is the development of the AiNed programme by the NL AIC. The AiNed programme is helping Dutch companies and public institutions to take essential steps with AI that are economically and socially extremely important. The AiNed programme was created thanks to contributions from a large number of stakeholders, partners and participants from the AI network and ecosystem of the NL AIC. The programme is both ambitious and realistic, and it enjoys broad backing from many parties who have expressed their commitment to its realisation. The National Growth Fund has allocated a budget of €204,5 million to the first phase of the AiNed programme. Take a look here for more information about the AiNed programme.

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Participating in the Netherlands AI Coalition means:

  • A quick start with new initiatives and projects
  • Joining forces with others and learning from them
  • Access to relevant contacts and organisations within the Dutch AI arena
  • Being a partner in new investments for AI
  • Helping create a robust Dutch proposition in knowledge and innovation in Europe


Diversity and Inclusion

The NL AIC feels and takes a responsibility towards the bias problem that AI has. We take the lead on this issue and work both nationally and in Europe to strengthen cooperation to develop human-centred and non-discriminatory AI applications. Read more about our approach to diversity and inclusion here (Flyer in Dutch).


Building blocks

The NL AIC collaborates on the necessary common knowledge and expertise, resulting in five themes, also called building blocks. Those are important for a robust impact in economic and social sectors.


AI is a generic technology that is ultimately applicable in all sectors. For the development of knowledge and experience in the use of AI in the Netherlands, it is essential to focus on specific industries that are relevant to our country. These industries can achieve excellent results, and knowledge and experience that can be leveraged for application in other sectors.

Become a participant

The Netherlands AI Coalition is convinced that active collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders is essential to stimulate and connect initiatives in Artificial Intelligence. Within fields of expertise and with other stakeholders in the ecosystem to achieve the most significant result possible in the development and application of AI in the Netherlands. Representatives from the business community (large, small, start-up), government, research and educational institutions and civil society organisations can participate.
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