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An empowering collaboration: Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) partners with Women in AI

Women in AI held an interview with Miriam Veronesi about the transformative power of Artificial (...)

Center of Expertise for healthcare algorithms comes up with scalable AI models.

When may a patient leave intensive care? How can artificial intelligence help answer this question, (...)

The vital importance of human centric AI: a renewed call

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the most influential system technology of our time. AI has (...)

ROBUST: tackling social issues together with AI

“So far, we have mainly seen economic motives from the players that used AI technology,” (...)

eConowind is using AI to make turbosails even more efficient

Jean Jacques Cousteau (the French marine researcher, film-maker and environmentalist who died in 1997) applied (...)

European AI Landscape with a new selection of promising Dutch AI startups

The new selection of the most promising Dutch AI startups in the European AI Startup (...)

NL AIC presents two reference guides for responsible data sharing for AI applications

The Netherlands AI Coalition is aiming to put the Netherlands in a front-runner position in (...)

Brilliant Failures AI Awards ceremony for the public sector

On Wednesday 12 April 2023, during the Netherlands AI Congress, the awards for the most (...)

PERISCOPE wins competition for AI solutions for healthcare innovation

At the annual Dutch AI Congress on 12 April 2023, it was announced that PERISCOPE (...)

The Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud is off the ground

All the parties in these various coalitions are linked to this initiative. The Ministry of (...)

Learning communities focusing on AI: what’s the status?

Demand for AI skills is growing so quickly that the outflow from the regular education (...)

Stefan Leijnen appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the European AI, Data & Robotics Association

We are pleased to announce that on 2 March 2023, Stefan Leijnen was elected as (...)

AiNed MIT AI call for SME AI projects starting

This arrangement is supported by the AiNed programme that has been developed by the Netherlands (...)

Generation Z on how human-centric AI can improve our lives

They grew up with computers, apps and social media. Anyone from Generation Z (born between (...)

“Don’t step on the brakes: commit fully to human centric AI”

Irvette Tempelman has been paying close attention to developments in AI for the past thirty (...)

“ELSA labs are an amazing tool for putting human centric AI into practice”

Foto: JADS/Bart van Overbeeke When Emile Aarts took on the chairmanship of the Human Centric (...)

Deeploy: using AI for more efficient working methods for mental healthcare providers

Anyone in the Netherlands who has mental health problems and is seeking help currently needs (...)

New chair for the Data Sharing Working Group

Peter Verkoulen was appointed chair of the NL AIC Data Sharing Working Group from 1 (...)

ROBUST AI programme gets a boost of 25 million euros from the NWO

ROBUST focuses in particular on developing reliable and explainable AI technology for socially relevant issues (...)

AppBakkers is developing an AI system that focuses on the human heart

There are all kinds of heart complaints. The vast majority of people who are currently (...)

First national conference for ELSA Labs: a successful forum for knowledge exchange

The importance of a human-centric approach to AI The first edition of the national ELSA (...)

Publication of ‘Ethics and AI – Seven methods in theory and practice’

This is in line with the practically oriented approach adopted by the NL AIC. From (...)

What is the current state of the AI Act?

On 14 November 2022, the Zuid-Holland AI Hub and the Human Centric AI working group (...)

Follow-up of the AI Parade, a unique dialogue about human-centric AI

To achieve this, the Netherlands AI Coalition, together with partners such as the National Library (...)