Building blocks

The NL AIC works together on the necessary knowledge and expertise, resulting in five themes, also called building blocks. Those are important for a robust impact in economic and social sectors.
All building blocks:
    The NL AIC stimulates the development of AI education within all sectors in the Netherlands.


    Náhani Oosterwijk

    Coordinator working group Human Centric AI

    Emile Aarts

    Chair working group Human Centric AI

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    Human Centric AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a significant impact on the way people interact with digital systems and services. How should our society relate to this digital transformation? How do we find a balance between freedom of action and the functional added value of AI? How do we safeguard public values, our fundamental rights and democratic freedoms, and how can we ensure that everyone benefits from this progress too?

    Residents of the Netherlands must be able to make the right choices when using AI in their daily lives and, whenever possible, be involved in the development of new AI services. That is why we are looking for ways to learn and discover together what are the best and most desirable and needed AI solutions.


    In several Social Co-Creation Environments (ELSA Labs: Ethical Legal Societal Aspects Labs), we will investigate together with residents, companies, knowledge institutions, and the government, how AI can contribute to the formation of our society. We collect insights, formulate and validate possible solutions. We formulate widely supported standards – on the ethical, legal and social aspects of AI systems and services – and test them against international AI frameworks, especially in a European context. After all, as Dutch people, we have our specific national views on how AI should serve prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands, although we would like to do so in the context of European cooperation. Through this approach, the Netherlands can distinguish itself and, at the same time, be part of a more extensive partnership as an EU Member State.

    At this moment, initiatives for ELSA Labs are being inventoried in order to make a selection through a transparent procedure. The selected labs will be further developed with the support of the NL AIC. If you are interested in starting an ELSA Lab, you are cordially invited to contact the coordinator of the Human Centric AI working group.

    Working group

    The Human Centric AI working group, together with the participants, focuses on four principles:

    1. increasing AI awareness and mapping insights;
    2. formulating practical and widely supported conditions for applications of AI within society;
    3. testing AI applications and solutions in ELSA Labs;
    4. scaling up cooperation within the Netherlands.

    More information

    Are you interested in more information about the ELSA Labs or the ELSA concept? Please consult our position paper ‘ELSA Labs for Human Centric Innovation in AI’.

    Inventory European Landscape, AI startups: put yourself on the map.

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