European AI Startup Landscape

Since January 2022, the Netherlands AI Coalition has been putting a selection of the most promising Dutch AI start-ups forward for the European AI Startup Landscape, an initiative for mapping out the AI start-up ecosystem in Europe and boosting confidence in the quality of these start-up ventures.

The European AI Startup Landscape is a centralised database that gives a clear overview of AI start-ups categorised by country and category. During the 2023 NL AI Congress, a separate visual was presented of the Dutch startups (including website) that the coalition contributed with partners.

Anita Lieverdink (Start-ups & Scale-ups, NL AIC): “It’s wonderful that the Netherlands is getting involved in the European AI Startup Landscape. It’s a great way to promote our selected start-ups on the international stage, strengthening their access to potential customers, partners and investors.”

Stef Prinssen (Zuid-Holland AI Hub): “We’re really enthusiastic about this opportunity that the NL AIC is offering for putting Dutch companies in the international spotlights. In line with that, we can see further opportunities for European matchmaking, which we’re happy to assist through the regional AI hubs and partners.”

An overview of the selection process is given below:

  1. You can register your start/up/scale-up via this registration form.
  2. An independent committee evaluated the registrations, based on jointly established criteria. Companies must have AI at their core, for example, or demonstrate significant use of AI. On top of that, they must be sufficiently large and must have been established less than ten years ago.
  3. The selected companies will be added to the Landscape every three months. Every next deadline will be communicated by the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) via LinkedIn. Registrations after the deadline will be included in the following quarter. If your company does not match the required criteria yet, you will be informed and it is possible to re-apply in the future.
  4. Although not every company will meet the required criteria, every entry is valuable. The NL AIC and the network of AI hubs in the Netherlands want to support all AI start-/scale-ups. For example, the NL AIC organises matchmaking, knowledge exchange and specific initiatives to improve access to data, partners, capital and talented staff for start-ups. Read more about the Netherlands AI Coalition’s activities to build a healthy AI start-/scale-up ecosystem.
  5. To ensure quality, we would like to keep the Landscape up to date and so we will ask the start-/scale-ups that appear on the Landscape to register again after one year.

If you have any questions about the evaluation or the process, please contact the NL AIC’s Start-ups & Scale-ups working group by contacting Laurens van der Molen.

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