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This Quickstart guide helps organisations efficiently realise an AI data space Proof of Concept.

Realising an AI data space: where do I start?

It is essential for AI systems to be trustworthy and scalable. AI data spaces improve the trustworthiness and scalability of AI systems. However, realising an AI data space comes with a variety of challenging aspects such as:

  • How can trust be facilitated to enable the AI data space?
  • How can the AI data space be implemented efficiently and in a way that it can be easily scaled?
  • How can an AI data space enable an AI application?
  • How do you organise collaboration with all involved stakeholders?
  • What do I need to prepare to realise an AI data space and what resources are available for me to use?

For many actors with the ambition of realising an AI data space, it is not clear how they can start its development and the process to implement it is unclear. There are many relevant resources to support the development of AI data spaces, but it is unclear when and how these are best used.

Goal of the NL AIC Quickstart guide

This guide supports the collaborative realisation of an AI data space. It guides you through the first steps of the process, and refers to existing resources to support the realisation of an AI data space Proof of Concept.

Who should use it?

Organisations that could use support in realising an AI data space. This guide is primarily designed for project managers working towards realising an AI data space, but is also beneficial for subject experts to better understand the context of realising an AI data space.

How to use this document?

  • It provides an objective, approach, resources and best practices for the ideation and design phase of realising an AI data space.
  • The document aims to be applicable for the realisation of as many types of AI data spaces as possible and is therefore relatively generic. Analyse your specific project context to determine elements which may be more or less relevant to your situation.
  • It supports you to guide stakeholders to relevant resources to realise an AI data space.

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