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The application of AI is advancing at lightning speed and is unimaginable. Getting your homework done by ChatGPT? Not particularly instructive, but a useful introduction to AI. Because with ChatGPT, DALL-E and numerous other tools, AI will almost certainly have a place in the daily practice of all kinds of professions. For example, consider applications in healthcare where AI/data can be used to make rapid analyses that support diagnoses and accelerate medication development. Or in logistics where AI is used to analyze and optimize complex flows of goods.
Ever further application means that AI must be included in a wide range of courses to adequately prepare students for their future work.

What are we teaching our students about AI?

Students should be enabled to learn about AI, and experience its applications and impact on their own work domain (awareness).
This both in terms of the opportunities, and the conditions under which AI can be responsibly applied (legally, ethically). And to get them started on further expanding applications of AI in their own fields.

Judith de Bruin, lecturer in journalism at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences: “I want to start experimenting with AI together with my students, for example exploring a problem with ChatGPT. And then discuss the approach and outcomes.”

Wendy van der Steen, lector CMD aan de Hogeschool Utrecht: “In de beroepspraktijk kan AI heel waardevol zijn, maar ook misleidend. Ik wil mijn studenten leren de juiste vragen te stellen bij AI en kritisch te zijn op hoe de tools werken.”

Teach the Teacher HBO

The Teach the Teacher initiative helps more teachers learn about AI so they can adequately incorporate this knowledge into their lessons and feel well supported to prepare students accordingly. In the project, 5 colleges are collaborating to develop Teach-the-Teacher modules and workshops. Each college develops an online training and experiences and materials are shared.
The participating colleges are: Fontys, De Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Hogeschool Utrecht.

Learning Objectives

The online modules are designed for teachers without hands-on experience with (or extensive knowledge of) AI. After the course, as a teacher, you will be able to identify the situations and ways in which AI applications are primarily used in your own professional field.After taking a Teach the Teacher course, you will be able to:

– Explaining what is meant by AI.
– Name the opportunities and risks of AI in general.
– Name the different forms of AI relevant to the professional field you are training students for.
– Name examples of AI use in your professional field.
– To interpret the impact of AI for the program you work for.

Three free courses available

Three online courses are available with a focus on Care, Applied Psychology and Media. A course lasts 2-3 hours and can be taken on your own time. The course consists of text, film and interactive exercises. After participating, you will receive a certificate of participation.
Create your free account now and take one of these courses at https://openedu.nlaic.com.

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