Building blocks

The NL AIC works together on the necessary knowledge and expertise, resulting in five themes, also called building blocks. Those are important for a robust impact in economic and social sectors.


Maarten van Steen

Chair working group Research and Innovation

Stefan Leijnen

Coordinator working group Research and Innovation

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Research and Innovation

AI research in the Netherlands is in good shape but is quickly losing international ground because other countries are rapidly improving. A combined approach of fundamental and applied research with innovation across the value chain will strengthen and accelerate AI progress, development and implementation.


A collaborative approach is vital to create an AI network that builds on existing qualities and offers space for new initiatives to attract global AI talent. That is only possible in a joint approach which involves also other working groups within the Netherlands AI Coalition.

Working group

The Research and Innovation working group focuses (among other things) on involving more parties in the AI ​​research field, facilitating collaboration on content through matchmaking, deploying existing and new techniques, as well as community building. Through all of these, we aim to achieve innovative breakthroughs and economic impact.

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