T-Pulse reinforces Shell’s Goal Zero ambition

Published on: 14 November 2023

T-Pulse is a system that uses AI and advanced Machine Vision algorithms to analyze live video data feeds from on-site CCTV cameras. The AI models within T-Pulse are designed to recognize a wide range of unsafe behaviors and scenarios, including non-compliance with PPE regulations, working at height, unattended objects, falling objects, suspended loads, line of fire, COVID-19 compliance, gas leaks, liquid spills, and more. These models have been pre-trained on various scenarios and conditions, enabling the system to detect and alert to risks across diverse situations in near-real time.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

In the energy industry, safety is a paramount concern. The industry faces numerous challenges, from ensuring compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations to preventing accidents such as falls from height and gas leaks. To address these safety concerns, Shell, in collaboration with Detect Technologies, a Shell Ventures-invested company, has developed T-Pulse, a safety system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine Vision technology.

By detecting over 160 different risk events through a combination of intelligent AI models and scenario-based rules, T-Pulse significantly increases risk prevention efficiency on-site. Its proactive approach provides timely learning opportunities to mitigate human error consequences, contributing to injury prevention and increased workplace safety.

What Challenge Does It Solve?

T-Pulse was developed to reinforce Shell’s Goal Zero ambition, which aims to improve safety in personal, process, and transport areas. The focus is on reducing risks, learning from mistakes, and enhancing individual capabilities. Utilising our AI capabilities to foster a strong safety culture with all employees and contractors, with standards applying to all activities.

Made Possible By:

The development and implementation of T-Pulse was made possible by the collaboration of four major Shell departments: Safety, Computational Science and Digital Innovation, Innovation Excellence, and IT. They worked together with Detect Technology, using agile ways of working to implement several small strategic Proof of Concept (POC) deployments deep into operating assets, which quickly resulted in insights being turned into near real-time actions. This collaboration and the successful implementation of T-Pulse demonstrate the power of teamwork and innovation in addressing safety challenges at Shell.

Goal Zero

“As we move into 2024 the program continues to grow, with a strong backlog of new use cases in the development funnel. The success of T-Pulse is a testament to the power of using AI for good and in enhancing safety and preventing accidents in the energy industry.”

This aligns with Shell’s core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people, and its focus on safety as part of the Powering Progress strategy. Shell’s Goal Zero ambition is a daily commitment for everyone working at Shell, striving to improve safety by focusing on the three areas where the safety risks associated with our activities are highest: personal, process, and transport.

More Information

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