Knights Analytics for AI Data Management

Knights Analytics is a startup based in Utrecht. They specialize in simplifying the complexity involved in combining and utilizing various data sources. Their developed platform, Alchemia, is specifically designed to innovatively match and consolidate data, no matter how unstructured or contaminated the source data might be. This technology is known as advanced or AI-based entity resolution.

Instead of solely relying on concrete data, such as a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number, Knights Analytics can match data based on the contextual information present in the source data. This leads to significantly better results, especially with textual or manually curated databases.

Usage of Artificial Intelligence

The Alchemia platform integrates AI in various ways. Firstly, AI is utilized in machine learning models capable of transforming information from text, video, and audio files into semi-structured data. Additionally, AI is employed to identify connections within the data. Lastly, the platform adapts based on the interaction between the user and the generated output, leading to further improvement of the models.

What challenge does it solve?

Knights Analytics assists clients by transforming multiple unstructured and contaminated data sources into high-quality, interconnected datasets. The objective is to provide a coherent overview, such as a single view or a golden record, for various purposes like cost-saving, improving compliance, or gaining market insights. Their solution, combined with privacy-enhancing technology, is effective in sharing information between organizations without exchanging sensitive data. They offer an innovative solution in the vast market of data management and big data, by transforming data challenges into usable ‘golden’ data.

Solving Data Challenges

Knights Analytics’ solution is already being used within the capital markets departments of one of the world’s largest international banks. They have now also shifted their focus to other financial institutions and organizations wanting to consolidate their data following an M&A transaction. Outside the financial sector, Knights Analytics is active in public service, retail, gaming, recruitment & selection, and healthcare. Implementing their solution is straightforward, leading to rapid value creation and an attractive return on investment.

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