Data Sharing Coalition

About Data Sharing Coalition

The Data Sharing Coalition is an open and growing international initiative started in the Netherlands in which a wide variety of organizations are working together to facilitate cross-sectoral data sharing.

For the development and application of AI, access to data is crucial. The more relevant data that is available, the better the predictive value becomes, thereby improving the meaningful application of AI applications. Access to and sharing of data must be organized responsibly in the Netherlands. Increased access to data accelerates AI implementation and accuracy, resulting in better service.

To support the development of existing and new data sharing initiatives, the Data Sharing Coalition provides a platform for structured knowledge exchange to encourage cross-sectoral data sharing, facilitating interoperability between data sharing initiatives and strengthening individual initiatives. To this end, the Data Sharing Working Group of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is working with the Data Sharing Coalition.

The NL AIC approaches data sharing from the AI application and the specifics therein, the Data Sharing Coalition focuses more on transactional data sharing between organizations from different sectors and the generic agreements needed to facilitate that across sector boundaries. These two initiatives complement each other extremely well, and in many areas they draw on each other’s insights and results.

For more information, visit the Data Sharing Coalition website.

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