New activities recognised with the NL AIC Label aiming to strengthen the AI landscape

Published on: 21 September 2021

Why have an NL AIC Label?

The NL AIC is aiming to strengthen the AI landscape in the Netherlands, with the goal of letting the country reap the economic and social benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and become one of the international frontrunners. To that end, numerous projects and programmes will be carried out in AI over the coming years.

New activities recognised with the NL AIC Label

We are pleased to announce that the following activities have been recognised with the NL AIC Label. This time, two ELSA Labs are being founded that the NL AIC believes meet the objectives and criteria set for research and development of the ethical (E), legal (L) and societal (S) aspects (A) of AI applications in an ELSA lab. The goal of these ELSA labs is to work with residents, companies, centres of expertise and the government to investigate how AI can help shape our society:

  • The ELSA Cultural AI Lab Aims to study and develop AI systems that are implicitly or explicitly aware of the subtle and subjective complexity of human cultures. This lab is about both using AI to understand human cultures and using knowledge and expertise from the world of the humanities to analyse and improve AI technology.
  • The ELSA Smart & Responsible Mobility Lab New forms of mobility such as self-driving vehicles and sharing systems are raising numerous questions for governments, industry and the public at large about aspects such as liability, safety, privacy, fair access and society’s acceptance of such systems. The lab is aiming to set up an ecosystem for ethical, legal and societal aspects of individuals’ mobility so that an appropriate societal discussion is created about shaping the future while still being able to steer developments to generate the right societal effects of AI.

Emile Aarts, chair of the Human Centric AI working group of the NL AIC, says, “We would like to warmly congratulate these new ELSA labs on having their activities recognised with the NL AIC Label and we wish them every success in setting up their consortiums and securing the necessary funding to actually start up or expand the labs.”

The NL AIC Label has previously been awarded to:

  • The ELSA Poverty and Debt Lab
  • The ELSA Health Society & AI Lab
  • The ELSA Learning with AI Lab
  • The ELSA Public Policy Lab
  • The ELSA Urban Digital Twins Lab
  • The ELSA AI, Media & Democracy Lab

For more information about these other ELSA labs that are being set up, please read the newsflash about them.

Strengthening the AI landscape in the Netherlands

The NL AIC Label is intended for activities that strengthen the Netherlands through research, education and innovation in and with AI. The activities referred to here are public-private partnerships lasting several years, designed for example as a programme, project, lab or community that reinforces the objectives of the NL AIC. A labelled activity:

  • strengthens and broadens collective knowledge about AI in the Netherlands;
  • creates a solution to AI challenges faced by many;
  • accelerates responsible AI innovations and implementations in a broad context;
  • helps cooperation and connections throughout the value chain;
  • helps get all the relevant parties involved and cooperating (the quadruple helix).

Interested in the ELSA concept and the ELSA Labs?

If you are interested in the ELSA concept and its implementation as an ELSA Lab, we would very much like to invite you to read the position paper ‘ELSA Labs for Human Centric Innovation in AI’ outlining the approach. If you have any questions about the ELSA concept, please contact Edwin Borst, coordinator of the Human Centric AI working group. You can also contact Edwin Borst if you have questions about any of the ELSA Labs and he will then put you in touch with the ELSA Lab concerned.

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