Three new ELSA Labs awarded the NL AIC Label

Published on: 12 October 2022

Recognition with the NL AIC Label

We are pleased to announce that three ELSA labs have been awarded the NL AIC Label. The NL AIC believes they meet the objectives and criteria set for research and development of the ethical (E), legal (L) and societal (S) aspects (A) of AI applications in an ELSA lab. The goal of these ELSA labs is to work with residents, companies, centres of expertise and the government to investigate how AI can help shape our society responsibly:

  • ELSA Lab for AI Multi-Agency Public Safety issues The basic premise of this ELSA Lab is that radical change is needed in the way scientific research is being done in the light of social challenges in safety and security. This mainly applies to the development of AI applications that impinge directly on the worldview of the public.
  • ELSA Lab for AI Solutions for Disability Care This ELSA Lab aims to develop, validate and implement AI solutions for good night-time care for people with severe multiple disabilities, including intellectual impairments. The social challenges are the increasing demand for care and the associated exacerbation of labour shortages in the care sector. Understanding the objective data can improve the quality of care provided to clients and optimise the staff workload distribution.
  • The DataXchange ELSA Lab This ELSA Lab focuses on designing, building, testing and evaluating an infrastructure that can be used to share data between connected parties in a secure, accountable and humanitarian way. This is to be based on the ethical, legal and social values of our society for a more efficient and effective understanding, combating and preventing the criminality that can undermine it. It is aimed at creating an inclusive and safe, future-oriented society.

“We would like to congratulate these new ELSA warmly labs on having their activities recognised with the NL AIC Label,” says Kees van der Klauw, the coalition manager at NL AIC, “and we wish them every success! We are pleased to note that ELSA labs are being established in a growing number of sectors. This helps speed up the learning curve for developing and using AI responsibly, thanks to the efforts of all the ELSA labs.”

Strengthening the AI landscape in the Netherlands

NL AIC Label

The NL AIC Label is intended for activities that strengthen the Netherlands through research, education and innovation in and with AI. The activities referred to here are public-private partnerships lasting several years, designed for example as a programme, project, lab or community that reinforces the objectives of the NL AIC. A labelled activity:

  • strengthens and broadens collective knowledge about AI in the Netherlands;
  • creates a solution to AI challenges faced by many;
  • accelerates responsible AI innovations and implementations in a broad context;
  • helps cooperation and connections throughout the value chain;
  • helps get all the relevant parties involved and cooperating (the quadruple helix).

The goal is to let the country reap the economic and social benefits of AI and become one of the international front runners. To that end, numerous projects and programmes will be carried out in AI over the coming years.

Interested in the ELSA concept and the ELSA Labs?

If you are interested in the ELSA concept or its implementation as an ELSA Lab, we would very much like to invite you to read the position paper called ‘ELSA Labs for Human-Centric Innovation in AI’ that outlines the approach. If you have any questions about the ELSA concept, you can take a look at this page, read more about the Network Project on Human-centric AI Research with ELSA Labs or contact Náhani Oosterwijk, coordinator of the Human-Centric AI working group.

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