The Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud is off the ground

Published on: 30 March 2023

All the parties in these various coalitions are linked to this initiative. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has made the centre possible financially.

Combining forces

Combining forces has created a single central place that helps businesses with data sharing and cloud issues. Additionally, the initiative will increase confidence in cross-organisational data sharing and it will facilitate cooperation, both domestic and international.

The Centre of Excellence is going to address the challenges of data sharing and assist the development of data-sharing applications by providing relevant tools, knowledge and best practices. It is also going to cooperate with various sector-based data-sharing initiatives, such as the GOFAIR Foundation to avoid insularity and make cross-sectors applications possible, now and in the future.


The Centre of Excellence wants to be as broad and open an initiative as possible and it is actively seeking cooperation with other programmes and coalitions that focus on data sharing so that it can create a single platform for the Netherlands, with solid international anchoring. The centre is led by Peter Verkoulen of TNO, who also chairs the Data Sharing working group of the Netherlands AI Coalition.

All the knowledge and expertise that have already been developed within the programmes are bundled together and trends and developments in data sharing are monitored. This aligns the centre nicely with the European agenda, including European data strategy, legislation and regulations such as the Data Act, and other European data sharing initiatives such as the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC).

More information

If you’re interested in the topic of data sharing, visit the working group’s web page, which includes a quick-start guide for data spaces, plus publications, or take a look here for some use cases that may provide inspiration.

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