AiNed MIT AI call for SME AI projects starting

Published on: 21 March 2023

This arrangement is supported by the AiNed programme that has been developed by the Netherlands AI Coalition, It is a follow-up to the very successful NL AIC kick-start financed MIT scheme from 2022. The MIT AI call for 2023 has been set up in collaboration with the regional organisations. The total budget for subsidies in the 2023 AiNed MIT AI call is €3.5 million.

SME support from the AiNed programme

AI applications directly help economic prosperity, social well-being and solutions to major challenges within society. SMEs – many of which are start-ups – have an important economic and innovating role. Research has shown that SMEs run up against numerous obstacles when implementing AI. To bridge the gap for SMEs between basic knowledge and actual implementation in AI innovations, the MIT AI call is being issued for the AiNed programme.

What is the regulation?

If you work together with other SME businesses to develop or innovate AI products, production processes or services, the arrangements under the MIT regulation might be for you. This scheme starts on 21 March 2023 and submissions are possible until 9 May 2023. You can request a subsidy for cooperative AI-themed R&D projects, both large and small.

Looking for partners or inspiration?

If you are looking for start-ups to submit a project proposal with, you can visit the Dutch selection of start-ups of the European AI Start-up Landscape for inspiration. If you are looking for information about how a project proposal can be submitted, please read the interviews with Supplai, AppBakkers and Deeploy about how they are using the MIT arrangement from 2022. On the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), you can also find an overview of projects that came into existence by using this scheme.

Planning and conditions

One of the conditions is that the project must demonstrably offer a new solution for one or more application areas covered by the Netherlands AI Coalition. You can find more detailed information (in Dutch) about the planning and conditions for this call on the RVO website.


The NL AIC helps participants submit successful project proposals with up-to-date information about the approach and working method. Of course, our AI Hubs also offer support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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