European AI Landscape with a new selection of promising Dutch AI startups

Published on: 12 April 2023

The new selection of the most promising Dutch AI startups in the European AI Startup Landscape was presented at the Dutch AI Congress. That landscape is an initiative for mapping out the ecosystem of AI startups in Europe and boosting confidence in the quality of the selected startup ventures.

AI applications can directly help economic prosperity, social well-being and solutions to major challenges within society. SMEs – many of which are startups – have an important economic and innovative role.

Selection of Dutch AI startups

The Dutch selection currently consists of 170 AI startups offering solutions for various problems and sectors. The European AI Startup Landscape offers startups access to potential clients, partners and investors. Additionally, it is a way of boosting confidence in the quality of the chosen startups.

The AI startups are categorised by country and category in a clear overview that makes them easy to find. If you are looking for the most promising startup ventures in the Netherlands, or new partners for developing or applying AI, have a look here for the latest selection of Dutch AI startups. This overview includes the selection of startups along with their websites if you want to contact them.

Goal of the European AI Startup Landscape

The objective of the initiative is to give guidance to startups and offer promising ventures a platform that will benefit both startups and existing organisations. This initiative also boosts AI uptake. On top of that, it shows the innovative power of European startups and helps with European cooperation aiming to ensure technological independence.

The initiative is constantly growing and more and more countries are working together to promote international exchange. Organisations can use a centralised database to search for high-quality AI startups to collaborate with. This database lets startups present themselves to potential cooperative partners.

Matchmaking event

To promote partnerships between existing organisations and startups, the European partner countries are organising an international hybrid matchmaking event on 30 and 31 May 2023 in Stockholm. Various organisations have been approached and asked to include their AI challenges. Based on this, the startups on the landscape are scouted for an introductory meeting. They have already been informed of this. The new version of the AI Startup Landscape will also be presented at this event, including improved user and filter functionality.

More information

If you are an AI startup that is interested in signing up for this initiative, click here for more details about the European AI Startup Landscape.

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