U-Prevent: insight into the effects of medication and lifestyle

Published on: 22 November 2020

The best treatment for cardiovascular disease is its prevention. Millions of patients use specific medicines which, across the board, prove to be very effective, but whose individual effects vary widely. In actual practice, translating research results to the individual patient in the consultation room is difficult. The search for customised treatment therefore, would benefit greatly from a tool that could assist in accomplishing exactly that. U-Prevent provides an insight into the effects of medication and lifestyle on life expectancy.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

U-Prevent’s research has resulted in smart algorithms determining an individual’s risk of contracting  cardiovascular disease. It provides an insight into the effects medication use and/or lifestyle has on the risk for the individual patient.

What challenge does it solve?

The interactive calculation tool is user-friendly and helps to prevent, encourage and facilitate joint decision-making. The effect of the appropriate management of medication or lifestyle adaptation is expressed as the decrease in risk over a 10-year period, and the increase in healthy life expectancy.

Cooperation between U-Prevent and NL AIC

The NL AIC supports the introduction of U-Prevent for use in clinical practice. It enables, on the one hand, a dialogue concerning structural funding with respect to valuable AI innovations, which are being jointly explored by U-Prevent, healthcare institutes, healthcare insurers and governmental organisations.  On the other hand, the NL AIC offers support with validating the methods used for linking U-Prevent to digital dossiers, so that patient data can be used safely when used by the calculation tool or stored in the cloud.

U-Prevent: “The team greatly appreciates that the NL AIC stimulates the use of AI in the field of health and care. The cooperation is characterised by enthusiasm and commitment from all parties involved”.

Produced by:

U-Prevent was developed in collaboration with UMC Utrecht, Harvard Medical School, Erasmus MC, LUMC, AMC, ORTEC, Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda, the Netherlands Professional Association for Cardiologists, including European Society for Cardiology ESC.

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