Pacmed Critical: In support of medical decision-making

Published on: 25 May 2020

A doctor's decision to transfer a patient from intensive care to a regular ward can have a major impact on the patient. Premature transfer may result in a long and costly readmittance to intensive care or even death, whereas a delayed transfer leads to an unnecessarily prolonged stay at the intensive care unit (ICU) preventing others from receiving intensive care treatment.  

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists medical specialists in optimising the transfer timing of their patients to a regular ward. Using the vast amount of data routinely collected from ICU patients, algorithms predict the likelihood of readmittance or death after discharge from the ICU for each individual patient. It also substantiates how the algorithm arrives at a particular prediction to achieve maximum synergy between doctor and algorithm.

What challenge does it solve?

Based on thousands of hospital admission and patient characteristics, Pacmed Critical supports a medical specialist with determining the optimum moment of discharge. The software provides this information in a clear overview. As such, it is an additional source of information which, combined with all other relevant information, enables a medical specialist to make the right decision, thus avoiding unnecessary readmittance and overly long bed occupancy.

Leveraging NL AIC to scale up:

The NL AIC supports upscaling the use of Pacmed Critical by the highest number of hospitals possible and enables the maximum learning potential concerning the preconditions necessary to implement AI responsibly and beneficially in healthcare.  This might lead to the creation of standards regarding the implementation and use of AI and thus lowering the barrier for adopting data-driven care in hospitals. Pacmed: “Seeing the amount of energy the coalition is willing to contribute in creating social value using AI in healthcare, is inspiring and encouraging. This network and platform underpins Pacmed’s hope that this will create beneficial solutions for the Netherlands.”

In collaboration with:

Pacmed Critical was developed in collaboration with a group of academic and top-tier clinical hospitals, and was initially initiated by Amsterdam UMC. The software is certified in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. Pacmed currently collaborates with, among others, the Intensive Care departments of Erasmus MC, St. Antonius Hospital, Elisabeth-Two-City Hospital, OLVG, LUMC, Radboud UMC and UMC Utrecht. Health insurance company CZ too, played a role in the validation.

More information

Interested? Visit the Pacmed website for more information.

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