MS sherpa: For more insight into the treatment of MS

Published on: 20 November 2020

MS sherpa has been developed for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The unpredictable nature of the course of the disease is what makes life with MS particularly difficult. To gain more insight into the matter, Orikami, the company behind MS sherpa, has developed two clinically validated tests using digital biomarkers.

These digital biomarkers form the basis of a ‘digital therapeutic’, a digital treatment support application. In practical terms, MS sherpa offers, for instance, clinically validated tests of walking and cognitive processing speeds. These tests have been digitised and validated for home use by patients.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The data recorded by patients at home are analysed. This allows the behaviour and development of the disease to be calculated. Due to the learning nature of the software, it is possible to recognise patterns and thus provide more insight into the course of the disorder. In addition to MS sherpa, Orikami, the company behind it, is developing a digital biomarker platform that can be used for other conditions.

What challenge does it solve?

By monitoring these results, people are able to detect deterioration sooner and thus apply the right treatment accordingly. The product is CE certified and will be marketed within six months. A large-scale scientific study with the MS polyclinic of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam is currently taking place.

Leveraging NL AIC to drive progress

MS sherpa: “We are looking forward to a long-term relation with the NL AIC. With the deployment of data science and AI, we strive for personalised healthcare in the Netherlands. Constructive discussions are taking place about this to put innovative technologies on the map in the Netherlands and embed them in healthcare”.

In collaboration with:

MS sherpa has been developed in collaboration with patients’ associations, the National MS Fund, MS Research, Amsterdam UMC, Radboud University, Orikami, Rijnstate, Elisabeth-TweeCities Hospital and Zuyderland Medical Centre.

More information

Interested? Visit the website of MS sherpa for more information. MS sherpa is a product of Orikami BV.

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