FeedbackFruits: Realtime learning in writing assignments

How to you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) meaningfully in education? Students see AI opportunities for more customisation (personalised learning) and more control (ownership) over their learning path. Teachers see possibilities to automate tasks, in order to have more time for instruction to and guidance of individual student.

Within the Education working group, we are working on various initiatives that tie in with this. A good example is Feedback Fruits. This Edtech scale-up offers an AI solution that automatically gives feedback on their writing to higher education students. This should reduce the workload of teachers and improve students’ understanding.

Deployment of Artificial Intelligence

FeedbackFruits’ solution is a tool that provides students with automated formative feedback on their academic writing skills. This feedback consists of simple corrections, as well as suggestions and compliments. Students can continuously improve and adapt their assignments before submitting a final version to their tutor.

What challenge does it solve?

The underlying system works with success criteria for the writing assignment, that are compiled by the teacher. These include criteria for content, language, layout, references and figures and tables. As students receive immediate and real-time feedback, they hand in a version that is already one step further. This would reduce the workload of lecturers.

The Education Working Group wants to further refine this solution. An important question is whether the tool actually reduces the workload of lecturers. Because the working group consists of participants from the ‘quadruple helix’ (such as education, research, government, business, social organisations and citizens), we can reach the right people to help answer this research question.

International recognition

In December 2021 FeedbackFruits’ AI tool received a silver award in the AI category during the “Oscars awards for Education”, the Reimagine Education Awards. In addition, FeedbackFruits won a gold award for its tool suite that it has developed in co-creation with its educational partners.

Parties involved

This AI solution is developed in cooperation with Erasmus University and the Hogeschool van Rotterdam as part of the Education Do-Tank. This is a partnership that FeedbackFruits set up to work on educational innovation together with various parties from the education sector.

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