Human Centric AI

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“Don’t step on the brakes: commit fully to human centric AI”

Irvette Tempelman has been paying close attention to developments in AI for the past thirty (...)

Presentation of the position paper ‘Ethics and AI in practice: working together and learning together’

The Scientific Council for Government Policy sees artificial intelligence (AI) as the new systems technology: (...)

Plenty of enthusiasm already for a European ecosystem targeting human centric AI

“What makes our country pretty much unique is the smooth way in which many different (...)

NWO and the NL AIC launch programme on human centric artificial intelligence for an inclusive society

Recently, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic underline that without ‘intelligent’ digitisation, societies cannot function (...)

All the signs are in place for ELSA Labs and human centred AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that can affect people’s lives both positively and (...)

Only by thinking outside the box will we find solutions to ethical dilemmas concerning AI

An interview with Stefan Leijnen, lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, about the wonderful world of AI. (...)