AI is a generic technology that is ultimately applicable in all sectors. For the development of knowledge and experience in the use of AI in the Netherlands, it is essential to focus on specific industries that are relevant to our country. These industries can achieve excellent results, and knowledge and experience are extended for application in other sectors.


Pieter Jeekel

Chair working group Healthcare

Pieter van Kuilenburg

Coordinator working group Healthcare

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the work of healthcare professionals and how we deal with the health of our citizens and care about patients around the world. The pace of this change is accelerating. AI offers excellent opportunities to improve the health of the population and alleviate the ever so increasing pressure on the Dutch healthcare system.

Application of AI in healthcare is broad. AI models can shift the trend from a reactive to a proactive healthcare system (prevention). That leads to faster and better diagnoses and treatments optimised for every individual patient. AI can also provide insights that support better self-management of chronic patients. On a national or even international scale, AI can be used to gain faster insight into and to respond to epidemics – and these are just a few examples. With multiple applications, AI can also contribute to the right care at the right place (at the right time).

The Netherlands has always been at the forefront of digitisation of healthcare and its necessary infrastructure. Globally, we see that considerable investments are being made in AI. This is the moment to scale up valuable Dutch AI applications together and to put in order the necessary structural data infrastructure and other preconditions (such as finance and knowledge). Together we can also create a climate to accelerate the application of innovations in the field of AI in the health and care sector.

Working group

Within this working group, participants work together to identify the most significant opportunities and challenges for AI in the field of healthcare, to strengthen partnerships and to work on a programme. The working group, operating in separate teams, focuses on the following themes: ecosystem and matchmaking, need for data in health infrastructure and appointments system, COVID overview, citizen and patient participation, information and education of care providers and citizens, financial support and case overview.

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