WRR report: ‘The task for AI: the new systems technology’

Published on: 11 November 2021

And that’s only the beginning: in the coming years, AI will permeate more and more domains within society. In the report entitled Opgave AI. De nieuwe systeemtechnologie (The task for AI: the new systems technology), the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) concludes that if the Netherlands does not prepare properly for this fundamental change, there will not only be the risk of missed opportunities but also the risk of society being saddled with technology that no longer serves our interests.

AI as systems technology

The WRR argues that AI is a form of systems technology, in the same way as electricity or the internal combustion engine. A technological system such as this has a major societal impact that cannot be predicted in advance. Embedding a systems technology such as AI demands an integrated approach, with close involvement of the authorities. The WRR has distinguished five component tasks: demystification, contextualisation, engagement, control and positioning.

Vision and goals NL AIC

Kees van der Klauw, coalition manager: “The NL AIC fully supports the conclusions and recommendations of the WRR, which are very much in line with the vision and goals we have set since the start of the NL AIC two years ago. The urgency, the proactive, learning and integrated approach, the involvement of all stakeholders and the social debate are and will remain leading for us as NL AIC to let the Netherlands decide how it wants to use AI for prosperity and wellbeing. Given the dynamics and impact of developments, the government has an important task to accelerate and develop and maintain an integrated policy. Each of the WRR’s tasks must be tackled in cohesion. Cooperation between disciplines and between science, industry, society and government is of great importance in this regard. The NL AIC has already developed many initiatives for this and is pleased to be contributing to the implementation of the WRR’s recommendations’.

More information

Take a look here at the complete WRR report (in Dutch), or download the report and summary using this link.

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