Follow-up of the AI Parade, a unique dialogue about human-centric AI

Published on: 25 October 2022

To achieve this, the Netherlands AI Coalition, together with partners such as the National Library of the Netherlands, wants to engage with people, inspire them and bring them together. During the AI Parade, we will be doing this through exhibitions, dialogue sessions and workshops. The AI Parade will travel to eleven provinces over the course of ten months to engage with a million residents of the Netherlands about AI.

Follow-up to the AI Parade at Kennemerwaard library

After the start of the AI Parade in the Overijssel Region, the AI Parade is travelling until 28 November 2022 to Alkmaar city centre, Alkmaar De Mare and the Heerhugowaard site of Kennemerwaard Library. The AI Parade will then travel through the rest of the Netherlands. The impact and reach of the AI Parade are being measured. The input it provides will be fed back from the participating libraries to the Netherlands AI Coalition.

Further information about the AI Parade in Kennemerwaard

The AI Parade is a travelling event offering various activities that introduce the public at large to the uses and impact of AI in and on society and engage them in the conversation about it. The AI Parade consists of various activities for young and old. Visit the Kennemerwaard website for more information about the programme at the locations Alkmaar City Centre, Alkmaar De Mare and Heerhugowaard or have a look here for more about the importance of human-centric AI.

The importance of a social dialogue

Increasing digitalisation and the associated use of AI have brought it sharply into focus for society, both positively and negatively – AI has long been a major part of our daily lives and will become even more so in the future. However, a large proportion of the Dutch population still know very little about AI and are not yet aware of the impact of applying AI in their daily lives. To prepare the country’s residents as well as possible for a future with AI, it is important that the whole of the Netherlands should become involved and that the general level of knowledge and awareness about AI should be raised. This will let people make the most of the applications of AI in their daily lives.

The library as a place to meet

A library is the ideal spot for the AI Parade: the kind of place anyone can go to with no worries – so it is the right place for making even a complex concept like AI understandable. It is no coincidence that a fifth of all residents of the Netherlands are library members and that annual visitor numbers for all libraries taken together are around 62 million. Libraries also have an important task in actively helping members of the public to be part of the information society, for instance by providing training and facilitating the public dialogue. It is important to learn from each other and to help residents of the Netherlands make independent and conscious choices about the application of AI.

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