Projects underway with AI kickstart government funding

Published on: 11 March 2021

TNO’s Appl.AI programme consists of a total of fifteen projects involving AI in which the public and private sectors are cooperating, with joint funding of the projects. Additionally, there is close cooperation with universities and other research institutions to make sure these projects can benefit from their knowledge. A key leitmotif running through the Appl.AI programme is that AI adds value when you transcend organisational boundaries and that a joint approach must therefore be adopted.Here, we are going to highlight three of the five cooperative projects:

  • SELECTED: Using data to provide individualised care in the healthcare sector, with attention to privacy and security aspects.
  • Skills matching 2.0: Ensuring fair decision-making in the labour market by using AI in recruitment processes.
  • AI Oversight Lab: Developing reliable AI algorithms for public authorities.

Key AI challenges

All the projects in the programme address two important AI challenges. First, how can we ensure that autonomous AI systems can be used transparently and ethically? The second challenge is how to make sure that humans and AI work together as well as possible. All the parties involved in the Appl.AI programme get access to the knowledge and experience that is being built up in all the projects.

If you’re interested in being part of the NL AIC

Collaboration across the boundaries of organisations and disciplines is essential for AI, because those are the areas where AI is being applied and where we are working on social and economic challenges, with the ultimate aim of improving welfare and prosperity. If you’re interested in this, join the NL AIC and benefit from its knowledge and active network, centred on AI themes that are relevant for you.

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