Northern region starts Artificial Intelligence hub

Published on: 10 November 2020

The Northern Netherlands region is setting up the AI Hub Northern Netherlands, a new network organization that is bringing together companies, knowledge institutions and other organizations that work with artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to solidify and further expand the already existing collaborations. This ties in with the ambitions of the Netherlands to obtain a strong global position in the development and application of artificial intelligence.

The Northern Netherlands is an important player in the field of artificial intelligence. For years, knowledge institutions, companies and other organizations have been the driving force behind the development and application of AI in the business sector and in society as a whole. ‘With the AI Hub Northern Netherlands, we want to solidify and expand this existing ecosystem. This means that we would like to welcome new parties as well’, Jan Post explains. Jan Post, Professor of Digital Fabrication at the University of Groningen and Director Strategic Partnerships at Philips, is project leader of the Hub: ‘This further-reaching collaboration offers great advantages, including a healthier business climate and a chance to receive extra funding for research and development’.

Dovetailing with national ambitions
The ambitions of the AI Hub Northern Netherlands dovetail well with the action agenda of the Netherlands AI Coalition. The AI Hub has got the so-called kick-start funding from the Netherlands AI Coalition, with which they can contribute to the ambitions of the Dutch digitisation strategy. With the formation of the hub, consortia are being strengthened and the AINED report ‘Versnellen, Vergroten en Verbinden’ and the Action Agenda of the Netherlands AI Coalition are being followed up.

Three Themes
The AI Hub Northern Netherlands will lead the way in three AI themes: data sharing, investing in knowledge of digitization and AI (human capital), and the development of autonomous systems. The themes are related to various aspects, such as energy, healthcare, smart industry, water, agrofood and mobility. Jan Post: ‘We have dedicated ourselves to the responsible sharing and linking of health data, for example, which makes it possible to conduct large-scale research into diseases and healthy ageing.’ The AI Hub, together with partners from all over the world, will also focus on developing an AI computer that is faster and consumes less energy than current computers.

Partners of the AI Hub Northern Netherlands are: The University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, the University Medical Center Groningen, ASTRON, New Energy Coalition, TNO, Wetsus, Philips, Innovation Cluster Drachten, and Metaalunie and FME via Smart Industry Hub, which contains over 2,000 businesses. The Hub warmly invites other parties to join them as well.


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