ELSA aspects of AI: CLAIRE and ELSA Labs work together to ensure the development of human centric AI in Europe

Published on: 20 June 2022

Both parties recognise the massive impact of AI on people’s everyday lives and in addressing society’s grand challenges, and the need for the involvement of all relevant stakeholders (government, industry, academia and the general public) in the development of human centric AI with clear ethical and legal frameworks and helpful regulations within the European context, ensuring that AI becomes a benefit for all of society.

The NL AIC further developed the concept of ELSA Labs that strive for a human centric approach for new lean AI applications to be developed in consultation with end users and citizens“, says Emile Aarts, chair of the working group Human Centric AI of the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC). ” This new, application-oriented development is not limited to Dutch initiatives, but has also the potential to be applied on a European scale, because the approach fits perfectly with the EU vision in the field of reliable AI. We want to expand the ELSA Lab concept to a European level together with CLAIRE. The highly regarded status and reputation of CLAIRE makes this organisation an optimal partner for the NL AIC in realising our European aspirations”.

This partnership outlines a shared approach to fostering collaboration within the AI community; enhancing the visibility of each other’s activities within their communities and to the general public, including events and open calls; maximising knowledge transfer; and advancing the uptake of human centric AI throughout Europe.

CLAIRE warmly welcomes the opportunity to provide support and insights to the NL AIC on the effective building of a European network based on the ELSA Labs concept“, says Prof. Holger Hoos, Chair of the Board of CLAIRE and Alexander von Humboldt-Professor for AI at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. “This is an excellent fit with the CLAIRE vision, and there is great potential for major benefits at the European level.”

More information

Are you interested in more information about the ELSA concept and a current overview of the ELSA Labs? Please visit this page of the working group Human Centric AI. You can visit the website of CLAIRE for more information about the activities of CLAIRE.

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