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AI experts admitted to the GPAI community as proposed

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The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) is pleased to note that the Netherlands is represented in the international community of experts in the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). The experts, who were proposed by the NL AIC and others, have demonstrable knowledge and experience with AI in the GPAI theme that they will be advising on and they have international networks.

We would like to congratulate Lucas Noldus, the CEO of Noldus Information Technology, Rina Joosten, the CEO of Seedlink and one of those involved in founding the NL AIC, Emile Aarts, professor at Tilburg University and leader of the Human Centric AI working group, and Peter-Paul Verbeek, professor at Twente University and also employed in this field. It’s great to see your work being recognised in this way!

Working groups

GPAI has set up four working groups focusing on the themes of responsible AI, data governance, the future of work and innovation and commercialisation. Kees van der Klauw, Coalition Manager at the NL AIC: “These GPAI working groups focus on topics that we at NL AIC think are very important for developing and applying AI responsibly. “They need to be tackled in an international, collaborative effort.”

About GPAI

GPAI, which now has nineteen participating countries, was set up by France, Canada, the United States and others. It has close links to OECD (the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). The aim of collaborating is to ensure that responsible AI development is encouraged, based on the principles of human rights, inclusivity, diversity, innovation and economic growth. The Netherlands became affiliated to GPAI in December 2020, along with Brazil, Poland and Spain. The effort for GPAI is coordinated by the NL AIC, working together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.


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