Gepubliceerd op: 28 February 2020

OPT/NET B.V. builds comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. Having served and protected the networks of clients all over the globe, our team was specially suited to develop the OPT/NET AI engine, which has grown into a series of platforms with unlimited potential across myriad critical industries.

Activiteiten op AI gebied

From telecom networks to disaster zones. From farmlands to the open ocean. From analysing log lines to multispectral satellite imagery. Our approach remains the same: forge real meaningful partnerships with our customers to empower them towards achieving more with their data leveraging our powerful generic AI engine.

Bijdrage aan NL AIC

We contribute to the NLAIC with our AI subject matter expertise, our distinctive partnership approach, and our ability to showcase real, production-grade AI applications and platforms.

Waarom NL AIC?

We joined the NLAIC to help in contributing to a world where practical, ethical, and effective AI applications are widespread, and measurably improving the lives of Billions of people globally.

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