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These 12 AI companies received SBIR funding to develop human centric AI solutions

The aim of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) innovation competition was to develop and (...)

The culture and media sector claims a pioneering role in AI

In this paper, several institutions outline the potential of AI applications and various user requirements. (...)

AI: building a realistic perspective for social issues together

Demystification An important first move in recognising the potential of AI is demystifying it. The (...)

Marnix Krikke new Chair Port and Maritime Working Group

“In March 2019, I took part in the first sea trials of an autonomous operating (...)

Matchmaking for the AI challenges in Defence

This was the background to the Defence working group set up by the Netherlands AI (...)

AI as an accelerator of the energy transition

Opportunities for a CO2-free energy system On 14 September 2021, the Energy and Sustainability working (...)

AI within the government? Collaboration, starting small with applications that really work

“We encourage the participants within the NL AIC to contact each other and share experiences of (...)

Artificial Intelligence as an accelerator for the energy transition

Interview with Mathijs de Weerdt, Chair of the Energy and Sustainability working group Mathijs de (...)

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“AI within the government? Yes please! But in a responsible and people-oriented way”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to have great impact on our society. The government has (...)