VOICI: A tool to support the fight against child abuse developed by ZiuZ

In this project, ZiuZ is developing a software tool for dissecting video material and classifying its content using artificial intelligence. This tool has been given the working title 'VOICI' and is specifically intended for use by police detectives and hotline analysts in combating online child abuse.

One of the meanings of the French word voici is: see here! That is exactly what ZiuZ aims for: this tool can automatically process large quantities of videos, after which it draws the user’s attention to those shots that may contain illegal and incriminating material and can contribute to solving a crime.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The innovative features in VOICI are based on the smart combination of existing technologies and the development of new technologies, based on recent scientific research, in order to achieve an unambiguous, highly automated workflow for video processing.

What challenge does it solve?

Currently, police and INHOPE dedicate a lot of time to reviewing video material. Internationally as well, police organizations are struggling to find the right method. For instance, it is difficult to determine whether videos have already been reviewed if they are not divided into illegal and non-illegal shots. It is impossible for the police to do this with, for example, only a video editing program. The result is that complete videos have to be compared, which requires too much computer resources.

Police and NGO’s, such as INHOPE, are under pressure to process the increasing amount of images of child sexual abuse in order to fight this form of crime. This work is only growing while budgets remain the same or sometimes even decrease. This means that there is little money for innovation. VOICI arose from participation in the SBIR “Artificial intelligence for public services”. Because of this a quick start can be made with an innovation, which would otherwise not have been possible. ZiuZ also participates in the working group Security, Peace and Justice of the NL AIC.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

SBIR makes use of an exception in the procurement legislation for applied research and development. A societal question posed by the government is central.  SBIR works in a tiered innovation competition towards the innovative solution(s). The best proposals execute a feasibility study and the best feasibility studies are commissioned to develop an innovation. This innovation is ideally tested in practice by the potential government customer.

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